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Frequently Asked Questions - GiveRefer

What is GiveRefer?

GiveRefer is a website that helps people find the best referral programs to make money and also allows them to submit their own referral codes/links to earn more.

How does GiveRefer work?

GiveRefer aggregates referral programs from various companies and allows users to browse and compare them. Users can also submit their own referral codes/links to the site to be shared with others.

How can I make money on GiveRefer?

You can make money on GiveRefer by finding referral programs that suit your interests and promoting them to others. You can also submit your own referral code or referral link to get more earning.

How can I find the best referral program on GiveRefer?

GiveRefer allows users to filter and sort referral programs by different categories such as Bill payment, Shopping, Finance, Food, Medical, Money Transfer, Travel, Hosting and more. Users can also read blogs of referral programs to help them make an informed decision.

How can I submit my own referral code/link to GiveRefer?

GiveRefer has a submit section (form) on the website where users can submit their referral codes/links for inclusion on the site.

Can I submit a referral code/link for any program, or only certain ones?

GiveRefer accepts referral codes/links from any reputable program. However, the site reserves the right to remove any referral codes/links that are deemed to be spam or fraudulent.

Are there any fees associated with using GiveRefer?

No, there are no fees associated with using GiveRefer. The service is completely free to use.

How will I get paid for the referrals I make through GiveRefer?

The referral program you choose will have its own system for paying out referral bonuses. GiveRefer does not handle any payments.

How can I contact GiveRefer if I have any questions or concerns?

You can contact GiveRefer by visiting the 'Contact Us' page on our website and filling out the form provided.

How do I earn from refer and earn programs?

Simply add your referral codes at GiveRefer and start earning when GiveRefer community use those.

Where can I get referral code for store?

Just search for your store name and get the referral code to get benefits. Incase your store is not there than click on 'Add New Store' and get the code within 48 hours.

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