Earn 20% of Brokerage For Life When Friends Trade

Dhan is a user-friendly app for the stock market that caters to both Super Traders and Long-Term Investors. This app provides numerous advantages such as no fees for delivery trades, lifetime referral rewards, daily credit for referrals, a seamless and intuitive user interface, exceptional customer service, and a lively community of users.

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Dhan Referral  program FAQ !!.

❓ What is the website link for Dhan? 

Yes, you can Click here

🎁 What is the bonus for signing up on Dhan through a referral link? 

You can get a signup bonus of up to ₹250 on each referral.

💰 What are the rewards for referring someone to Dhan's referral program? 

In Dhan's referral program, you'll receive a continuous share of 20% of the brokerage revenue generated by your referred friends, credited to your account daily.

🏦 What actions are necessary to claim the referral rewards for Dhan? 

Place at least one trade with Dhan.

🙋 Do I need to be a customer of Dhan to refer someone? 

Yes, once you become a customer of Dhan, you can unlock the referral program and start earning rewards!

📝 What are the eligibility criteria to become a Dhan user? 

You must have the following documents: 

1. Pan card

2. Aadhar card with linked mobile number

3. Live photo

4. Signature

5. Bank account

6. ITR/Bank Statement

💸 What is the minimum amount I can withdraw from Dhan? 

The minimum amount you can withdraw from Dhan is ₹100.

💼 What are the charges for equity intraday and all segment features trades in Dhan? 

The charges for equity intraday and all segment features trades in Dhan are ₹20 or 0.03% of trade value per executed order, whichever is lower.

🌐 Is Dhan's referral program valid globally? 

No, it is currently available only in India.

🤝 #Dhan Referral Program.

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