Earn Up to ₹300 with Stashfin Refer & Earn Share & Get Rewarded

Unlock amazing rewards with Stashfin exciting Refer & Earn program!

Share your unique Stashfin referral code with your friends and family, and earn upto ₹300 StashCash for each successful referral. Here's how it works:

  1. Open the Stashfin app and find your referral code.
  2. Share your code with your friends and family through any platform.
  3. When your friend uses your code to apply for a loan and gets approved, you both earn!

The more you refer, the more you earn! There's no limit to how much StashCash you can accumulate through referrals. Use your rewards to:

  • Get discounts on your future Stashfin loans.
  • Redeem for exciting gift vouchers.
  • Transfer directly to your bank account.

Join the Stashfin community and start earning together! With Stashfin's transparent and hassle-free loan process, your friends can access instant personal loans starting from ₹10,000 with flexible repayment options.

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Stashfin referral program FAQ 😊

🌐 What is the website link for Stashfin ?

The website link for Stashfin is Here


🔄 Is there a referral program available with Stashfin ?

Yes , Stashfin referral code are given below.

🎁 What is the bonus for signing up on Stashfin through a referral link?

Up to ₹300 StashCash is credited to your account after successful loan disbursal.

This reward is subject to change and may vary based on promotions or other factors.

🎉 What are the rewards for referring someone to Stashfin referral program?

Up to ₹250 StashCash is credited to your account for each successful referral.

The exact reward amount may vary depending on the loan amount taken by your referral.

🤝 How do I participate in the Stashfin Referral Program?

  1. Open the Stashfin app and find your unique referral code.
  2. Share the code with your friends and family.
  3. When they apply for a loan using your code, ensure they enter it during the application process.
  4. Once their loan is disbursed successfully, you'll receive the reward.

⚙️ What actions are necessary to claim the referral rewards for Stashfin ?

Rewards are automatically credited to your Stashfin account within 24 hours of successful loan disbursal.

You can check your reward balance in the "Stashfin Rewards Club" section of the app.

🤔 Do I need to be a customer of Stashfin to refer someone?

No, you do not need to be an existing Stashfin customer to refer someone.

Anyone can share the referral code and earn rewards.

🚫 Are there any restrictions on who can participate in the Stashfin referral program ?

The program is currently only valid for residents of India.

Stashfin reserves the right to exclude certain individuals from participating.

🎯 Is there a limit to the rewards I can earn from the Stashfin referral program?

There is no specific limit to the number of rewards you can earn.

However, the program is subject to change and termination at any time

🌍 Stashfin program are valid globally?

The Stashfin Referral Program is currently only valid in India.

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