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Have you ever wondered how to obtain free Amazon Gift Card Vouchers? Actually, referral schemes let you acquire them for free! There are apps that allow you to earn these gift cards for free by referring friends.

This blog serves as a kind of tutorial for understanding refer and earn programs. We'll discuss several locations to do it and wise advice to make the most of it. These programs assist with both, whether you purchase frequently or just need some extra money. Follow along as we explore using recommendations and finding free goods online.

Here are various refer-a-friend programs that provide participants the opportunity to win Amazon gift cards:

Casper Mattress

The Casper referral program is a fantastic way to introduce your friends to the comfort of their mattresses while earning rewards. Your buddy will save a great 25% on their Casper mattress purchase when you refer them using your unique link. Thus, people will pay less to have a nice night's rest! However, the benefits don't end there. When your friend makes a purchase, you will generously get a $75 Amazon Gift Card Voucher as the referrer. They receive a cozy mattress bargain, and you benefit from a nice incentive.

And it's not only mattresses; recommending Casper pillows will win you prizes as well. You will receive a $10 Amazon Gift Card for each friend you suggest who purchases a pillow. Amazon Gift Card Voucher. Therefore, whether it's mattresses or pillows, Casper's referral program enables you to spread the word about their high-quality products and receive unrestricted Amazon Gift Card Vouchers as compensation for doing so. Enjoy your referring and sleeping!

Smart Livpure RO

You and your friends should take advantage of Livpure Smart RO Refer and Earn program. You gain a terrific reward—a Rs 500 Amazon Gift Card Voucher—when you recommend a friend to buy a Livpure Smart RO water purifier. They also get a substantial Rs 100 discount on the RO! It benefits both parties. Thanks to Livpure's considerate scheme, your buddy may enjoy clean, healthy water while saving money, and you get to enjoy your favorite Amazon purchases. So, tell your friends about Livpure's Smart RO and start earning those Amazon Gift Cards right away!

Simply said, you can promote the RO water purifier to your friends through Livpure's Smart RO program.When they purchase it, they save Rs 100, and as a thank-you gift, you receive a lovely Rs 500 free Amazon Gift Card. It's similar like giving a lot of money to your friends and getting paid for it. Therefore, let's share the advantages of Livpure's Smart RO and benefit from it together!

Physics Wallah

You can get free Amazon Gift Card Vouchers with the great program offered by Pysics Wallah recommend and earn. To enroll in the Physics Wallah Vidhyapeeth batch, all you have to do is invite your friends. For each buddy that joins, you'll receive 2000Rs in your Physics Wallah wallet! It functions as a kind of incentive for recruiting your friends. The best thing is that you may utilize that money either through your bank or to purchase Amazon gift cards. So, while learning with your pals, you also get to enjoy some wonderful benefits. Win-win! Simply said, if you tell your friends about Physics Wallah's lessons and they enroll, you will receive 2000Rs in your Physics Wallah wallet for each friend. You may either transfer this money to your bank or use it to purchase Amazon gift cards. It's not simply sitting there. Therefore, it serves as a kind of thank-you present for promoting Physics Wallah. Nice, huh? Gain rewards by spreading the word!

University Living

You can quickly obtain free Amazon Gift Card Vouchers with the University Living refer and earn program. Simply invite your friends to University Living, and you'll receive benefits when they use the platform to reserve student housing. You will receive an Amazon Gift Card Voucher of 5000 for each successful referral booking. What's best? The time it takes for you to reap the benefits is short. You'll receive your Amazon gift cards whenever your friend moves into their new residence. With University Living, you may not only discover the ideal home close to your university anywhere in the world, but you can also use their refer-a-friend program to earn significant Amazon gift cards.

Your student life will be made easier with the help of University Living. They are a global marketplace for managed student housing that aids international students like you in locating cozy and practical accommodation solutions close to colleges. Additionally, you can receive Amazon Gift Card Vouchers worth 5000 for each person you refer who successfully booked lodging through their refer and earn program. You and your buddies receive excellent lodging, and you are compensated with Amazon gift cards.


You have a fantastic opportunity to earn free Amazon Gift Card vouchers through the GUVI Refer and Earn program. All you have to do to start earning rewards is invite your friends to sign up for GUVI. For instance, you will receive a Rs. 100 Amazon voucher when you recommend 50 friends who validate their accounts. You can receive a voucher worth Rs. 200 for referring 100 confirmed friends, and a voucher worth Rs. 400 for referring 150 verified friends. Additionally, there are many other thrilling prizes, including Apple items, to be won! It's a win-win situation this holiday season since you can win wonderful prizes and benefit your friends and family by recommending them to GUVI's industry-recognized courses. You gain referral points each time a person you recommend registers and verifies their account. Later, you can use these points to redeem for prizes. So get referring today to start earning incentives!

FAQs about Earning Free Amazon Gift Cards

Q: How can I obtain the referral code for Livpure Smart RO?

A: You can obtain the referral code for Livpure Smart RO, which is 0IER3R.

Q: Where can I find the referral code for University Living?

A: You can find the referral code for University Living, which is ADGU1032.


Q: What is the referral code for Physics Wallah?

A: The referral code for Physics Wallah is 8422RTMF.

Q: What is the referral code for GUVI, and how can I get it?

A: The referral code for GUVI is 6swyi. You can obtain it by participating in their referral program.

Q: What are some ways to acquire free Amazon store cards?

A: There are various methods to acquire free Amazon store cards:

- Enroll in a Kindle Unlimited 30-day free trial.

  • Take advantage of the Amazon Prime Video 7-day free trial.
  • Participate in surveys and shop using the Monetha app to earn free gift cards.
  • Receive a $10 signup bonus with InboxDollars.
  • Shop online through Rakuten.
  • Earn cashback on grocery purchases with Ibotta.
  • Explore cash-back apps offering free gift cards.
  • Utilize credit card rewards.
  • Join survey websites.
  • Test websites or apps and provide feedback for gift cards.
  • Trade in items for gift cards.
  • Explore various other methods to obtain free gift cards.

Q: What are some effective ways to earn free gift cards?

A: You can employ various effective methods to earn free gift cards:

  • Utilize cash-back apps that offer free gift cards for shopping.
  • Explore credit card rewards programs.
  • Engage with survey websites to earn gift cards.
  • Participate in testing websites or apps and provide feedback for rewards.
  • Consider trading in items for gift cards.
  • Discover other creative ways to earn free gift cards.

Q: What is the process for obtaining an Amazon Gift Card?

A: To obtain an Amazon Gift Card, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Gift Cards section on the Amazon website.
  2. Choose the type of gift card you wish to purchase.
  3. Specify the desired amount for your gift card.
  4. Click "Add to Cart," then proceed to the checkout.
  5. Provide payment details for your purchase and click "Continue."
  6. Select "Place your order."

Q: How can I redeem my $10 Amazon gift card?

A: To redeem a gift card:

  1.  Locate the claim code on your gift card.
  2. Visit "Redeem a Gift Card" on Amazon.
  3. Enter your claim code and choose "Apply to Your Balance."

Q: What exactly is an Amazon gift card claim code?

A: An Amazon gift card claim code is a unique code associated with a gift card that allows you to redeem its value on Amazon by applying it to your account balance.