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Brevistay is an online platform that offers hourly hotel bookings in India. The platform allows users to book hotel rooms for a few hours or a day, providing a flexible and affordable option for travelers or those seeking short-term accommodation. Brevistay partners with various hotels across India to offer a wide range of options, from budget hotels to luxury accommodations. The platform also offers seamless online booking and payment options, making it easy for users to find and book their ideal hotel room quickly.

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BreviStay Referral Program FAQ!!😊

Q: What is the website link for BreviStay?

A: Yes you can Click here

Q: What is BreviStayreferral code?

A: Referral code are given below.

Q: Can I cancel my booking with BreviStay? If yes, what is the cancellation policy?

A: Yes, you can cancel your booking with BreviStay. The cancellation policy varies depending on the hotel and the type of booking. It is recommended to review the specific hotel's cancellation policy mentioned during the booking process.

Q: Can I modify my booking details in BreviStay after it has been confirmed ?

A: It depends on the hotel's policies and availability. You can contact the hotel directly or reach out to BreviStay's customer support for assistance with modifying your booking details.

Q: Is there a customer support service available in BreviStay  in case I need assistance during my stay?

A: Yes, BreviStay has a customer support service available to assist guests during their stay. You can reach out to their customer support through the contact details provided on their website or mobile app.

Q: Are there any additional charges or taxes applied to the booking in BreviStay?

A: The price shown during the booking process includes most taxes and charges. However, there might be additional taxes or fees imposed by the hotel or local authorities that need to be paid at the hotel during check-in or check-out.

Q: Can I earn loyalty points with BreviStay?

A: BreviStay offers loyalty programs and reward points to its customers. You can earn BreviStay Credits by participating in their loyalty programs and referring friends, which can be used for future bookings.

Q: Can I provide feedback or review my stay with BreviStay?

A: Yes, BreviStay values customer feedback and encourages guests to provide reviews of their stay. You can share your feedback through the hotel's review system or directly with BreviStay's customer support.

Q: Are there any age restrictions for booking a room with BreviStay?

A: Yes, the minimum age requirement to book a room with BreviStay is 18 years old. Only adults, i.e., 18+, can book a room and stay at BreviStay hotels.

Q: Can I book multiple rooms or make group bookings with BreviStay?

A: Yes, you can book multiple rooms or make group bookings with BreviStay. During the booking process, you can specify the number of rooms required and the number of guests. The availability of rooms may vary based on the hotel's capacity.

Q: BreviStay are globally valid?

A: It is only in India.

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