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Calling all CheQ users! It's time to spread the word and reap the rewards.

Here is how you can score a Rs. 200 Amazon Voucher and 100 CheQ Chips each for you and your friends:

  1. Tap the "Refer & Earn" button in the CheQ app.
  2. Share your unique referral link with your friends.
  3. When your friends join CheQ using your link and make their first credit card bill payment of over Rs. 100, you both get 100 CheQ Chips!
  4. Refer 2 friends successfully within the offer period 1st August - 31st October and you'll also receive a Rs. 200 Amazon Voucher!

Here's what you can do with CheQ Chips:

  • Redeem them for exciting rewards and cashback offers.
  • Use them to pay for your credit card bills and loan EMIs.
  • Earn even more CheQ Chips by paying your bills on time and referring more friends.

Do not miss out on this incredible opportunity to earn big! Start referring your friends today! 

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CheQ referral program CheQ 😊

🌐 What is the website link for CheQ ?

The website link for CheQ is Click here


🔄 Is there a referral program available with CheQ ?

Yes , CheQ referral code are given below.

🎁 What is the bonus for signing up on CheQ through a referral link?

Signing Up Bonus Earn Rs. 200 Amazon voucher and 100 Cheq Chips for both you and your friend.

🎉 What are the rewards for referring someone to CheQ referral program?

Referral Reward Up to 3000 Cheq Chips per month for successful referrals 100 Chips each, plus an additional Rs. 200 Amazon voucher if you refer 2 friends within the offer period.

🤝 How do I participate in the CheQ Referral Program?

Joining the Program Invite friends using your unique referral link and have them make their first credit card bill payment on Cheq over Rs. 100.

⚙️ What actions are necessary to claim the referral rewards for CheQ ?

Claiming Referral Rewards Both you and your friend receive rewards automatically after the friend's first successful bill payment.

🤔 Do I need to be a customer of CheQ to refer someone?

No, you do not need to be a Cheq user to refer someone.

🚫 Are there any restrictions on who can participate in the CheQ referral program ?

Only applies to new CheQ users, referred friend must make a Rs. 100+ bill payment within 30 days of signup using your link.

🎯 Is there a limit to the rewards I can earn from the CheQ referral program?

3000 Cheq Chips per month for referrals, 4000 Chips total monthly limit.

🌍 CheQ program are valid globally?

Yes, the program is valid for Indian users.

Is CheQ app safe to use?

Yes, CheQ generally prioritizes user security and employs bank-grade security measures to protect user data. It utilizes encryption and secure protocols to safeguard financial information and adheres to relevant data privacy regulations. However, as with any online platform, it's always recommended to practice general cybersecurity precautions like maintaining strong passwords and being cautious about sharing personal information.

How does CheQ UPI work?

CheQ integrates with UPI for a convenient and secure bill payment experience. Users can link their preferred UPI account to the CheQ app and initiate bill payments seamlessly. The process typically involves selecting the bill, choosing the UPI payment option, entering the UPI PIN, and confirming the transaction. Once authorized, the funds are transferred directly from the linked bank account to the bill payee.

Which is better, Cred or CheQ?

Both Cred and CheQ offer features for managing credit card bills and earning rewards, but they have distinct advantages and disadvantages:

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