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Kraken is a well-known cryptocurrency exchange offering spot trading, margin trading, futures trading, and staking services. It emphasizes security and compliance with regulations. Users should be aware of the risks and volatility associated with cryptocurrency trading.

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Kraken referral program FAQ 😊

🌐 What is the website link for Kraken ?

You can click here for Kraken website link.


🔄 Is there a referral program available with Kraken ?

Yes , Kraken referral code are given below.

🎁 What is the bonus for signing up on Kraken through a referral link?

When you refer someone to Kraken and they sign up and trade $100 or more, you'll both receive $10 in Bitcoin.

🎉 What are the rewards for referring someone to Kraken referral program?

The rewards for referring someone to Kraken are:

You will receive $10 in Bitcoin for each friend who signs up and trades $100 or more.

Your friend will also receive $10 in Bitcoin.

⚙️ What actions are necessary to claim the referral rewards for Kraken?

To claim the referral rewards for Kraken, you and your friend must both:

Sign up for Kraken using the other person's referral link.

Complete your Kraken verification.

Trade $100 or more within 30 days of signing up..

❓ Do I need to be a customer of Kraken to refer someone?

Yes, you must be a customer of Kraken to refer someone.

🚫 Are there any restrictions on who can participate in the Kraken referral program?

Yes,Minimum age required 18 or above and also

You must be a resident of a country where Kraken is available.

You must have a Kraken account that is in good standing.

You must not have been banned from the Kraken referral program in the past.

🎯 Is there a limit to the rewards I can earn from the Kraken referral program?

There is no limit to the rewards you can earn from the Kraken referral program.

🌍 Kraken program are valid globally?

Kraken's referral program is not available in all countries. You can check if your country is eligible by visiting the Kraken website and clicking on "Referral Program".

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