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Redbus RPool Referral Program FAQ!!😊

🔸 What is the website link for Redbus RPool?

Yes you can Click here

🔸 What is Redbus RPool referral code?

Referral code are given below.

🔸 How does the Redbus RPool referral program work?

The Redbus RPool referral program allows users to earn rewards by referring their friends and family to use RPool. When someone signs up using your referral code and completes their first ride, both you and the new user receive a referral bonus.

🔸 How can I participate in the Redbus RPool referral program?

To participate, you need to have a Redbus account and be a registered user of RPool. You can find your unique referral code in the Redbus app or website, which you can share with others to invite them to join RPool.

🔸 How much referral bonus can I earn in Redbus RPool?

The referral bonus amount may vary from time to time, as it depends on the ongoing promotions. You can check the Redbus app or website for the current referral bonus amount.

🔸 Are there any restrictions on earning referral rewards in Redbus RPool?

Yes, there are certain restrictions. Typically, the referral bonus is credited only when the referred user completes their first ride using RPool. Additionally, there may be limitations on the maximum number of referral bonuses you can earn.

🔸 How do I know if someone has used my referral code in my Redbus RPool?

Redbus provides a referral history section in your account where you can track the status of your referrals. You can see if someone has signed up using your referral code and whether they have completed their first ride or not.

🔸 Can I refer unlimited friends to Redbus RPool?

While Redbus encourages referrals, there might be limitations on the number of referrals you can make. It's advisable to check the terms and conditions of the referral program or contact Redbus customer support for specific details.

🔸 How and when will I receive my referral bonus in Redbus RPool?

Once the referred user completes their first ride, both you and the new user will usually receive the referral bonus within a specific timeframe. The bonus is often credited directly to your Redbus wallet, which you can use for future bookings on Redbus.

🔸 Redbus RPool are globally valid?

No it is available in some country like - india , singapore , malaysia , indonesia , peru , colomboia.

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