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Delta Exchange is a user-friendly platform for trading cryptocurrency derivatives that offers futures, options, and perpetual contracts for various cryptocurrencies. Users can trade with leverage for higher profits, and the platform provides advanced charting tools, real-time order book, and secure multi-signature cold wallets to protect assets.

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Delta Exchange referral program FAQ 😊

🌐 What is the website link for Delta Exchange?

Yes you can - Click Here

👥 Is there a referral program available with Delta Exchange?

Yes , referral code are given below.                 

💰 What benefits does a referred user receive in Delta Exchange?

Referred users will enjoy a 10% discount on trading fees for a period of 6 months. This discount will be applied to the actual commissions paid by the user after adjusting for any other promotional discounts. The discount is applicable to all contracts available on Delta Exchange.

💸 How much can I earn through the referral program? 

Users can earn up to $600 through the referral program. The commission earned will be 15% of the trading fees paid by the referred person.

⌛ How long will the referrer receive payouts Delta Exchange?

The referrer will receive a 15% share of the commissions paid by their referrals for a duration of 1 year from the date of registration of the referrals on Delta Exchange.

💱 In which currency will the Delta Exchange referral commission be paid to the referrer?

The referral commission will be paid in the same token or cryptocurrency that the referred user used to pay their trading fees.

📆 When will the Delta Exchange referrer receive their payouts?

The commissions earned from referrals are credited to the referrer's account on a daily basis at 00:00 UTC.

🤝 Are there different payout terms in Delta Exchange for Designated Affiliates?

Yes, the payout terms for Designated Affiliates or Professional Affiliates may differ based on mutual discussions. If you are interested in becoming a Designated Affiliate, please reach out to support@delta.exchange for further information.

🔧 Can Delta Exchange change the rules of the Referral Program?

Yes, Delta Exchange reserves the right to modify the rules of the Referral Program at any time without prior notice.

🎁 How are the benefits for referred users and referrer payouts determined in Delta Exchange?

The benefits offered to referred users and the corresponding referrer payouts are determined by the terms of the Referral Program.

❌ Will the Delta Exchange Referral Program benefits be provided if the fee on an options contract is 10% of the premium?

No, if the fee paid on an options contract is 10% of the premium, neither the referred user nor the referrer will receive any benefits from the Referral Program.

❓ What actions are prohibited for referrers in Delta Exchange?

Referrers are prohibited from running search engine ads on Delta Exchange's brand keywords or competing with Delta Exchange on any paid marketing channel. Paid online or offline advertisements featuring Delta Exchange's logo are also strictly prohibited.

💱 Who is eligible for participation in the Delta Exchange Referral Program?

Users engaging in inappropriate, dishonest, or abusive activities such as wash trading, volume faking, using multiple accounts, or market manipulation are not eligible to participate in the Referral Program. Referrers found colluding with such accounts may also be disqualified from the program.

🌍 Is the Delta Exchange referral program valid globally?

It is WordWide.

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