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OYO is a technology-driven hospitality company that offers a wide range of budget-friendly accommodation options, including hotels, resorts, and vacation homes. Founded by Ritesh Agarwal, OYO operates a network of budget hotels and vacation rentals across India and other countries. Its services have expanded to include long-term rentals and flagship hotels. The company's primary objective is to provide travelers with affordable and comfortable accommodation options, and it has become one of the largest hospitality chains globally.

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OYO  referral program FAQ !! 😊

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1. What is the OYO "Invite & Earn" program?

The program allows you to earn OYO Rupee by referring the OYO App to your friends. The earned OYO Rupee can be used for future bookings referal code are given below. 

2. What rewards can I earn under the program?

Referee Reward: Users who create an account using a referral code receive ₹300 OYO Rupee instantly.Referrer Reward: The referrer earns ₹350 OYO Rupee when the referee checks out of an OYO room, which can be used as a discount on their next stay.

3. Are there any additional rewards for successful referrals?

Yes, for every 2 successful referrals, the referrer earns ₹700 OYO Rupee, which can be fully redeemed up to ₹2000 against any booking.

4. How can I invite friends to the program?

Go to the "Invite & Earn" section on the OYO app's home page and tap on the "Invite friends" button. Share your unique referral link through platforms like WhatsApp, Email, SMS, Twitter, or Facebook.

5. Can I invite friends from a different country?

Rewards are only earned when you refer friends within the same country. Referrals must sign up with a mobile number from the same country as yours.

6. When will my referral receive OYO Rupee?

OYO Rupee is usually credited instantly for valid referrals. If your friend hasn't received it within 15 minutes of account creation, contact OYO support.

7. Is there a limit to the number of friends I can invite?

No, you can invite as many friends as you like to OYO.

8. What are the maximum limits and expiry of OYO Rupee earned through the program?

       1.  Monthly sign-up limit: ₹500 

       2. Monthly check-in limit: ₹10,000

       3. Overall wallet limit: ₹10,000

       4. Maximum usable limit per hotel booking: ₹2,000

OYO Rupee earned through the program expires after 365 days, and the balance will reset to zero after the expiry date.

9. Can OYO Rupee be transferred or combined?

No, OYO Rupee cannot be transferred or exchanged for cash. It cannot be combined from multiple accounts into one OYO Rupee account.

10. Can the "Invite & Earn" program be terminated or changed?

OYO may suspend or terminate the program or a user's participation at any time without notice. Requirements and incentives may change. OYO reserves the right to review and investigate referral activities and suspend accounts or modify referrals if necessary.

11. Are there any fraudulent activities or abusive behavior not allowed?

OYO Rupee earned through fraudulent activities is null and void. OYO reserves the right to suspend accounts or remove referrals if abusive or fraudulent activity is detected.

12. Are there updates to the Terms and Conditions?

Yes, OYO can update the Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice. Please refer to the modified article for the updated Terms & Conditions.

13. Is OYO safe for couples to stay?

Yes, OYO rooms are completely safe and clean for couples to stay in. OYO ensures a comfortable and secure experience for all guests.

14. Are unmarried couples allowed to stay in OYO Rooms?

Yes, unmarried couples are allowed to stay in OYO Rooms. However, there are some points to consider before booking. Please review the specific policies and guidelines of the chosen OYO property.

15. Does OYO require ID for check-in?

Yes, according to government regulations, every person above the age of 18 staying at the hotel must carry a valid Photo ID. Accepted identification proofs include Aadhar Card, Driving License, Voter ID Card, and Passport.

16. Why are local IDs not allowed in hotels?

Local IDs are sometimes restricted due to social norms and moral policing. While there is no law that denies a room to unmarried couples, hoteliers may refuse rooms to avoid potential reputation risks.

17. Can I book a room with my boyfriend at OYO?

As long as both of you are above the age of 18, you can book a room at OYO. However, please note that hotels have the right to refuse bookings depending on their specific policies.

18. Does OYO keep guest records in India?

OYO retains personal information in accordance with its records retention policies. Retention periods may vary, but OYO may retain personal information for a longer duration in certain circumstances, such as when a claim is made regarding a booking.

19.  What are the different types of OYO Rooms available?

OYO offers various types of accommodations, including Townhouse, OYO Home, Silverkey, Collection O, and OYO Home Luxe. Each type offers different features and levels of luxury.

20. What happens if the police catch me with my girlfriend in a hotel?

If the police conduct a raid in a hotel room without any illegal activity, the couple has the right to assert their legal rights. It is important to understand and exercise your rights during such situations, including not consenting to a search without a warrant or probable cause.

21. OYO is valid globally? 

Yes, OYO is a global hospitality company and operates in multiple countries around the world. While its headquarters are in India, OYO has expanded its operations to several international markets, including the United States, United Kingdom, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, UAE, and many others.

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