Refer OneNDF Loan Earn Up To ₹50,000 Reward

Q: What is OneNDF?

A: OneNDF is an online loan marketplace that provides various loan products, including Loan Against Property, Working Capital Loans, and Business Loans. They partnered with 90+ banks and NBFCs that are RBI Approved.

Q: What is the referral website link for OneNDF?

A: The referral website link for OneNDF is https://www.onendf.com/refer-and-earn/.

Q: What is the OneNDF Referral Program?

The OneNDF Referral Program is an initiative that allows existing OneNDF customers to earn attractive incentives by referring new borrowers to the platform. Referrers can accumulate OneNDF Coins based on the activities completed by their referrals, such as signing up, completing credit profiles, applying for loans, and achieving loan disbursement.

Q: What is an OneNDF Coin?

A: OneNDF Coins are virtual rewards earned through the OneNDF Referral Program. Referrers accumulate coins based on the activities completed by their referrals, and these coins can be redeemed for cash in their bank accounts.

Q: What types of loans can I refer with OneNDF?

A: Currently, the loan options available for referral through the OneNDF Referral Program include Loan Against Property, Working Capital Loans, and Business Loans. More loan options may be added in the future.

Q: What are the benefits of the OneNDF Referral Program?
A: The OneNDF Referral Program offers several benefits, including:

100 🟡 = ₹1

Rupees ₹

Coin 🟡

Sign Up



Credit Score












Loan Application Complete



Loan Sanction




Up To ₹50,000

Vary According to Loan Type & Loan Amount

Q: How can I redeem my referral rewards on OneNDF?

A: To redeem your earned OneNDF Coins for cash, you need to meet the redemption criteria, which includes having at least one loan disbursement to your referral. Once you meet the criteria, you can request a redemption, and the payment will be processed within 7 business working days, with the amount credited to your registered bank account.

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