Receive A Cash Bonus Of Rs. 500

Sportasy is a web-based platform that enables its users to reserve sports facilities, search for athletic partners, and take part in a variety of sports events. The platform operates by linking sports enthusiasts and offering them a user-friendly method of scheduling and engaging in athletic activities. Users have the ability to explore diverse sports choices such as football, cricket, badminton, tennis, and more. They can then pick their preferred location and time slot before booking it through an online system. Additionally, they can discover other athletic partners, participate in sports events, and receive updates regarding forthcoming sports tournaments.

Sportasy referral program FAQ: 

Q1: 🔗What is the website link for Sportasy? 

The website can be accessed here: Sportasy

Q2: 🔊Is there a referral program available with Sportasy? 

Yes. Sportasy gives you an amazing offer on referring your friends to earn and enjoy a per cent share of real cash instead of a cash bonus for each transaction based on the number of fellow gamers you refer.

Q3: 🎁What is the bonus for signing up on Sportasy through a referral link? 

When your friend signs up using your referral code/link, you will get an exciting commission and your friend will receive bonus cash of Rs. 500.  

Q4: 🔄Is there currently a referral code available for Sportasy? 

Yes. The referral code is available. 

Q5: 💰What are the rewards for referring someone to Sportasy referral program?

25% commission!!! When your friend signs up for the Sportasy family using your referral link/code, you will earn commission through real cash. Not just that, your friend will also receive bonus cash.  

Q6: 🧑‍💻What actions are necessary to claim the referral rewards? 

Upon successful purchase by your friend, your friend will be credited the cash bonus. You will also receive the commission for the referral.  

Q7: 🛍️ Do I need to be a customer of Sportasy to refer someone? 

Yes, you need to have a Sportasy account to refer to someone.

Q8: ⚠️ Are there any restrictions on who can participate in the Sportasy referral program? 

No, you can participate in the Sportasy referral program if you have an account and provided you are 18 years and older. 

Q9: 🤔Is there a limit to the rewards I can earn from the Sportasy referral program? 

No. You can earn more commission by inviting more friends to Sportasy. 

Q10: 🌏Is this program valid globally? 

No. Sportasy is valid only in India. 

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