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Get the app and start earning karma today! For each friend you refer, you will earn 4,500 karma. Refer up to 5 friends and earn a total of 22,500 karma. Every 10,000 karma earns you $25 in Bitcoin. So what are you waiting for? Start referring your friends today!

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SimplyCodes referral program FAQ 😊

🌐 What is the website link for SimplyCodes ?

The website link for SimplyCodes is Click here


πŸ”„ Is there a referral program available with SimplyCodes ?

Yes , SimplyCodes referral code are given below.

🎁 What is the bonus for signing up on SimplyCodes through a referral link?

When you sign up for SimplyCodes using a referral link, you will receive a $3.40 welcome bonus. This bonus is automatically applied to your account once you complete the sign-up process.

πŸŽ‰ What are the rewards for referring someone to SimplyCodes referral program?

For each friend you refer to SimplyCodes, you will earn a $5 reward. There's a maximum limit of 5 referrals, so you can earn a total of $25 in referral rewards.

🀝 How do I participate in the SimplyCodes Referral Program?

To participate in the SimplyCodes referral program, you must first create an account with SimplyCodes. Once you have an account, you can generate a unique referral link from your account dashboard.

βš™οΈ What actions are necessary to claim the referral rewards for SimplyCodes ?

Your referrals must complete a few simple steps to activate your referral rewards:

  • Sign up for SimplyCodes using your unique referral link.
  • Verify their email address.
  • Use their first coupon code.

Once your referral completes these steps, your $5 reward will be automatically added to your account balance.

πŸ€” Do I need to be a customer of SimplyCodes to refer someone?

You do not need to be an existing SimplyCodes customer to refer someone. Anyone can generate and share their referral link to earn rewards.

🚫 Are there any restrictions on who can participate in the SimplyCodes referral program ?

The SimplyCodes referral program is open to anyone worldwide, with no restrictions based on location or eligibility.

🎯 Is there a limit to the rewards I can earn from the SimplyCodes referral program?

The maximum referral reward you can earn is $25, which is equivalent to successfully referring 5 friends.

🌍 SimplyCodes program are valid globally?

The SimplyCodes referral program is valid globally, and anyone can participate regardless of their location.

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